Outlaw Lawyers Podcast

Episode 2: Episode 2 – Caniglia v Strom – Your Home is your Castle, or, at least it Should Be?

Damion McCullers (the Carolina Counselor) and Josh Whitaker (the Outlaw Lawyer) sit down and analyze the oral arguments that recently took place before the US Supreme Court in regards to Caniglia v. Strom, an interesting trial that goes straight to the heart of the Fourth Amendment. What is the community caretaking exception? Can the King of England come into your house and take your musket? Why can't Josh pronounce last names correctly? What Simpsons episode is Josh reminded of this time? All these questions and more are answered in the most recent episode of Outlaw Lawyers.

Episode 1: The David Chauvin Trial – PreTrial Developments

Josh Whitaker (the Outlaw Lawyer) and Damion McCullers (the Carolina Counselor) sit down and talk about the trial of the decade . . . the David Chauvin trial. How did the announcement of the Floyd family settlement affect the jury selection? Why are trials won or lost in voir dire? What Simpsons' episode is Josh reminded of?